Asbestos Management Group of California, Inc.

AMG coordinates with the ReUse People of California, a nonprofit 501 (c) corporation, and complete deconstruction services for building owners or general contractors. Building owners receive a tax deduction for all salvaged material. Through our efforts, eighty-five percent or more of the materials in an average deconstruction job can be salvaged and reused or recycled. See descriptions of projects below:

Deconstruction of Residential Homes:

  • 41 Deer Creek Lane, Blackhawk, CA - 7500 square feet
    • Deconstruction and Foundation Demolition
  • 467 Seale Ave, Palo Alto, CA - 5800 square feet
    • Deconstruction and Foundation Demolition
  • 36 Glenwood Road Ross, CA - 3800 square feet
    • Deconstruction and Foundation Demolition
  • 53 Singingwood Lane, Orinda, CA - 6300 square feet
    • Deconstruction and Partial Foundation Demolition

Benefits to the General Contractor:

  • Offers clients a potential cost offset in the form of a tax deduction, which equates to real cash savings. Only deconstruction and not demolition provides this tax advantage.
  • Lowers disposal costs. Salvaged materials mean substantially less goes to the landfill.
  • Gives clients added value. They will thank you for the bonus now and again at tax time.
  • Gains an advantage over the competition. Deconstruction trumps the bulldozer mentality everytime.
  • Helps to maintain a green environment.

Benefits to the Building Owner:

  • Receive a real cost offset for donated materials. An independent expert appraiser determines the appraised value of donated materials, which usually results in a significant tax deduction.
  • Reduce the cost of the overall project. When offset by tax savings and lower disposal costs, the net savings increase.
  • Reusable materials are kept out of overburdened landfills.
  • Alternative uses are needed for lumber, metal, vanities, plywood, casework, Jacuzzi bathtubs, fences and other building materials.