Asbestos Management Group of California, Inc.

Brent Bates

BRENT BATES - President and Director of AMG

Brent has over 20 years of experience working in the environmental construction industry and over 16 years working with hazardous materials.  He started AMG - Northern California in 1989 and opened a Southern California office in 1997.  Brent has a Bachelors of Science degree from California State University at Chico.

Andres Arce

ANDRES ARCE - Project Manager and Estimator

Andres has worked with AMG for the past 12 years serving as a Project Foreman, Estimator, Superintendent and now Project Manager.  Andres is familiar with public and private projects and knows what is required to perform work expeditiously on environmental construction projects.

Tony Newman

TORY NEWMAN - Project Manager and Estimator

Tory started working with AMG as an Estimator and Project Manager in 2009. Most recently, Tory worked for Sonrise Consolidated where he specialized in deconstruction. Tory has been involved in both public and private projects. He has over 10 years experience in the demolition/deconstruction field as well as in grading and underground utility installation.

Jennifer Bates

JENNIFER BATES - Marketing Manager

Jennifer is responsible for all business development and marketing activities for AMG. Jennifer has over 17 years of experience in her field. She has a Bachelor of Science and a Masters of Business Administration. Questions regarding AMG's available services along with the company's service area should be directed to Jennifer.

Michelle Fong

MICHELLE FONG - Office Manager

Michelle is responsible for the operation of the corporate office. She has been with AMG for over a year. Prior to working for AMG, Michelle worked at R.G. Lee Group, an environmental laboratory. Michelle has a Bachelor of Science Degree from California State University, San Jose.